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4 Methods to Change Server in Modern Warfare 2 on PC


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) continues to be a staple in the world of online gaming, even after more than a decade since its initial release. With its dedicated fan base spanning globally, server selection plays a crucial role in the overall gaming experience. In this guide, we’ll dive into how to change server in MW2, examine server locations and statuses, and introduce the best way to change server in MW2 using the LagoFast Game Booster.

Understanding MW2 Server Locations and Status

MW2 servers are spread across the globe, including locations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. This dispersion is designed to provide a seamless gaming experience for players by connecting them to the server nearest to their geographical location.

However, the server status can influence your gaming experience. Factors like server load, maintenance periods, and latency can cause game lag and disruptions. Therefore, knowing how to change your server can drastically improve your gaming experience, especially if you’re encountering connectivity issues with your current server.

How to Change Server in MW2

Changing your server in MW2 isn’t a direct feature offered in the game itself. However, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a high-ping or crowded server. The best way to change server in MW2 involves a clever utilization of gaming tools like the LagoFast Game Booster.

The Best Way to Change Server in MW2: LagoFast Game Booster

LagoFast Game Booster is an advanced tool designed to optimize your gaming experience. One of its core features allows you to manage your server selection effectively, making the process of an MW2 change server straightforward.

LagoFast achieves this by enhancing the game’s connection to servers, lowering the ping, and optimizing the route data packets take to reach the game’s servers. Essentially, it tricks the game into thinking you’re closer to your chosen server than you actually are.

Here are the steps on how to change server in MW2 using LagoFast Game Booster:

Download and install the LagoFast Game Booster on your PC.

Launch the program and add MW2 to your game list.

In the game settings, you will find an option to select your preferred server location.

Choose the server you desire and apply the changes.

By doing this, you can manually select your preferred server location, thereby circumventing high traffic servers and minimizing latency.

More Ways to Change Server in Modern Warfare 2

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Assistance

Some players have reported success by requesting their ISP to change their IP address. By doing this, you might be connected to a different server. However, this method isn’t guaranteed to work, as your server connection largely depends on your geographical location.

Joining Friends in Different Regions

This method relies on having friends or other players in different regions. If you join a friend’s game who is connected to another server, you can play on that server during that gaming session.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is a method that can improve your connection to MW2 servers. By opening specific ports for MW2 on your router, you can potentially improve your connection, reduce lag, and have more server options available. The specific ports for MW2 can be found online or in the game’s documentation.


With global servers and dynamic server statuses, MW2 offers diverse gaming experiences to players worldwide. However, when the need arises to perform an MW2 change server, LagoFast Game Booster proves to be the best and most efficient tool. With its user-friendly interface and effective optimization features, you’re one step closer to an uninterrupted and competitive MW2 gameplay experience.