All you need to know about Solar Water Heaters – A buying guide

This device has been modified through technology that uses energy from sunlight to heat water. Due to the increase in the number of people who require solar water heating systems, one has to consider several factors. This is because different techniques may vary from the manufacturer, installation costs, the capacity of water needed, and the amount of energy required.

Some of the factors are discussed below:


Different systems may vary according to the amount of water required. If a household uses a low amount of water, it would be suitable to go for a system with a low capacity.


Solar water heating system pricesmay vary according to climatic changes. This is because, in hot areas, the systems may be in demand as the sunlight energy is higher compared to cold regions, which may have low energy. Hence in dry areas, the prices of the systems may be very high, unlike in wet areas.

Cost of installation

Solar water heating system price in Kenya may vary according to installation costs. Some systems may have high installation costs, which may be out of one’s budget; hence it would be advisable to go for the one with low installation prices.

Area of installation

Some of the areas where the systems are to be installed may be very remote. As a result, the prices may rise.

Energy consumption

Some of the systems have a very high rate of energy consumption. Regardless of the heating energy coming from the sun, which is naturally free, there is also energy consumed by the pump, which has to pump water into the tank and the system.

Safety features

One has to install safety features in the device to ensure no damage after installation. An example may be overheating of water which is dangerous water. Devices to regulate water temperature need to be installed for safety.

Water source

In some areas, water is not readily available, so you may need to find a water source. One may choose to drill a borehole, especially in dry areas, which is very costly. In wet areas, water is available as there are many sources, including dams and rivers.

Service life

The service life may also affect the solar water heating system price. Some of the systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are in proper working conditions, which may lead to an increase in prices. Going for a system with a longer lifespan is advisable, as it will not need regular maintenance.

Installation Company

Several companies have specialized in the installation of solar systems. It is essential to consider the amount each company charges for installing the system and look for the cheapest. But, you will also need to consider each company’s time and experience in installing the systems.


In conclusion, many factors must be considered when installing a solar water heating system. Different factors determine the price of the solar water heating system. Therefore, it is important to be aware of them before making a purchase.