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Bests Fade Haircuts For Men

A Fade haircut helps give your hairstyle a cool and modern. Fades are very versatile in nature, which gives room to choose what you think suits your current hairstyle and personality. When choosing a fade, you should also factor in your hair texture and length. Most fades are used to compliment other hairstyles, so they are featured at the back or on the sides of the head.

A fade helps get more attention to the hair at the top. Having longer hair at the top also helps get more attention to the fade and the hairstyle. Fades help create contrast and gradation between the hair at the top and that on the sides. Below are some cool types of fade haircut that can be done with any hairstyle.

1. A Low Fade

The low-fade haircut is the best option for men who want to try very masculine haircuts. The fade, in this case, is subtle as it focuses mostly on the edges around the head.

The tapering is very low on the sides, with a gradual decrease in the length of the hair left as you move toward the edges.

As long as the top part of the head features long hair, so many hairstyles can be explored with the low fade.

The good thing about the low fade is that it can coordinate well with any hairstyle. Get a hairstyle that best represents your style and pair it with a low fade for a stunning look.

2. A Mid Fade

This is the fade between a high and a low fade. The major definitive feature is the taper and it ends somewhere between the ears and the temple. This is the type of fade that is embraced by most professionals since it is very sleek.

It is not tied to any age bracket, as any man can definitely try this cute fade. Just like low fade, it can be paired with any hairstyle of choice for an amazing look.

If you find it hard to determine the hairstyle you want to pair with your mid-fade, you can ask your hairstylist to help you find one that works best with your facial features.

3. The High Fade

This fade haircut features a very close sharp shape on the sides and the back since it starts above the temples.

This fade can also be paired with several hairstyles and is adaptable for different hair textures and lengths. You get to choose how long you want the hair at the top to be as long as you keep the hair on the sides and the back shorter.

The high fade is modern that suits any haircut, which makes it one of the most common fades among men.

4. The Taper Fade

This fade entails creating a deviation from longer hair at the top to shorter hair on the sides and the back. The change in length is gradual hence the name taper. The hair on top is long, and the fade starts somewhere at the center part of the head.

Depending on your personality, you can style the taper fade in many different ways. It is a good option if you are looking for a style to add some look to your appearance. You can either get a sharp taper fade or a cool but stylish fade.

5. The Skin Fade

As the name suggests, the hair on the sides is shaved to the skin level for this fade. The hair on the top is left longer, while the hair near the sides is trimmed to the skin level using a lower guard number.

The combination of long hair at the top and completely shaved sides near the edges defines the hairstyle. The skin fade is more defined than other fade haircuts since it gives your hairstyle a dramatic and defined finish.  It is the ideal option if you want to try a much-defined masculine look.

6. The Drop Fade

It is the ideal option if you want to make your hairstyle edgier. The fade goes all the way down to somewhere behind the ears. It gives the longer hair on the too the appearance of thick and full hair.