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There has been a substantial increase in the number of cybersecurity breaches and frauds happening in the online trading space. Thus, it is only natural that people have become more and more cautious when they are signing up with a platform to engage in online trading.

In fact, they have begun to prioritize brokers that can offer them reliability and security and do not make compromises in these areas. One such platform that fits these requirements is the External Coins broker. It has incorporated features that have made it a safe and reliable broker and you can learn about these in this External Coins review.

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User verification according to security policies

A look at the signup process of the External Coins broker shows that it is quick and simple, but more importantly, it also includes user verification. This is due to the fact that the broker is compliant with international security policies. These are Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and they are immensely useful in reducing the chances of identity theft. The verification is mandatory for everyone who signs up, so you can rest assured that there are no criminals involved.

In accordance with these policies, anyone who creates an account on the External Coins trading platform needs to provide documents for proof of identity and proof of residence. They can only use their accounts when they are verified with these documents, so they cannot be used for laundering money, financial fraud, or any other illicit activities.

Data protection with SSL encryption

The fact that you have to share documents with the External Coins broker during the time of signup and also provide your financial information for making deposits and withdrawals can be a big concern for many traders. If their system is compromised, all your data can be stolen and misused, which would mean problems for you in the future. It is a genuine concern because such incidents have happened on other platforms that were lax in their security.

Fortunately, this is not the case with the External Coins trading platform because they have taken steps to ensure that hackers cannot steal their data and then use it for nefarious purposes. They have used the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to protect their website. This means that all data that is shared on their website is immediately encrypted. Even if hackers can compromise the system, they cannot read the encrypted data, which keeps it safe from being intercepted or misused in any way.

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Safe deposit and withdrawals

During the course of online trading, you will make deposits on the External Coins trading platform and would also make withdrawals at some point in the future. It means that you have to trust the broker to handle your funds and this can be quite stressful. If their accounts are compromised, your funds will be drained by hackers and it can lead to hefty losses.

This is where the External Coins broker has taken steps to provide complete peace of mind to its clients in terms of their fund safety. First and foremost, it does not use the deposits for its own activities, or stores them in its accounts. Segregated accounts are maintained for this purpose and the deposits are kept with some of the most reputable banks to ensure their safety. Traders have complete control of their funds and even if the broker goes bankrupt, you can get your funds back.

Multiple device compatibility

I was also very impressed with the fact that the External Coins trading platform does not come with the hassle of download and installation. You are given access to a web-based platform that is accessible through the browser. Therefore, you have the flexibility of using it on multiple devices, whichever one seems handy to you. Whether it is a smartphone, laptop, or a desktop PC, the trading platform is fully accessible and comes with the same features and functionality.

This device compatibility gives you a great deal of freedom to trade on the go. Most importantly, it means that you do not have to download the platform repeatedly, which also keeps it safe from viruses and other malware that can compromise security. In addition, the External Coins broker has kept the user-interface simple, which makes navigation a breeze for all users, regardless of their experience.

Is External Coins scam or legit?

Other than the aforementioned features of the External Coins broker, there are other aspects like its wide range of trading assets, the top-notch and prompt customer service and the advanced toolkit that it offers. All of these help establish it as a legitimate and authentic platform for trading in the financial markets.

Final Word

After you have read this External Coins review, you can easily determine that the External Coins trading platform does not make any compromises when it comes to security and safety and can offer reliable trading services.

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