Factors that Determine the Price of Juice Machines in Kenya

A sugarcane juice machine is a device used to extract juice from sugarcane stems. The pulp is crushed, ground, and squeezed to release the liquid. As many respondents widely consume sugarcane juice, it has been assumed that this is a lot of people’s primary employment.

As a result, sugarcane is extensively grown in Kenya, initiating many roadside vendors to extract the juice from sugarcane, which they have chosen as their primary source of income. Even restaurants are making sugarcane juice and professionally packaging it as cool drinks, not just roadside vendors.

Numerous commercially available machines have been created in the large-scale industry to extract and preserve the juice. The first rotating devices were created by hand and were made of metal. They had powerful rollers that could squeeze the juice out of sugarcane while the customer or seller turned the wheel.

Later, motor-driven devices that operated on electricity were created. Although they have drawbacks, like electricity issues and the potential for hand injuries, electric machines are still efficient. All of these factors were considered when developing devices with built-in motors. Various factors determine the sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya. These factors are;


The design should go with your tastes. You can purchase either an electronic or a manual one. This may result from elements like the accessibility of human labor or the availability of electricity at your workplace.

To ensure proper hygiene is maintained during the extraction, the model should also be made of corrosion-free stainless steel. For hygienic reasons, all the components should be simple to clean, particularly those that come into contact with the sugarcane.


While within the juice extraction center, traveling from one location to another should be simple as needed. It should fit in a small area to free up room for other uses. This can be achieved by ensuring that the machine is mounted on wheels and has the required number of rollers for your production, depending on your scale. This is because the number of rollers is one that significantly determines the size of the machine.


It should be easy to use the device. It would be best if you didn’t have any trouble getting used to using it. It should be able to function for however many hours you are putting in. As a result, think about how many hours the machine can operate each day.

The quantity of sugarcane the device can extract daily is something else to consider. This will assist you in determining the best machine for your task and the best place to purchase a sugarcane juice maker in Kenya.


The liquid and residue should be able to separate from one another easily. The residue shouldn’t block the machine because doing so may require you to turn it off manually. This can significantly impede your process and result in time loss at work.

To avoid spending money on returning to the store to purchase the same machine or even repair parts after a very brief period of use, it should be durable.


These previously developed sugarcane machinery inventions are all still in use today. However, new materials and technology have been incorporated into the latest machines to improve their functionality and produce superior extraction.

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