Factors to consider before purchasing Silage Chopper in Kenya

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A silage chopper is a machine used to cut and chop farm produce, such as grass, into smaller portions to make it easier for domestic animals to consume.

The article will give extensive information on the silage chopper machine. This machine has different varieties, and a buyer is advised to go for one that meets their needs. The silage chopper machinehas prices that differ from one to another depending on size, model and type.

The machine operates either through a petrol engine or a diesel engine. Before making a purchase, one should know what to go for.

Size of the farm

A farmer intending to purchase a silage machine must ensure that the equipment bought will do its workload effectively. A large farm with a blessed harvest will require a larger engine and one that can save time.

It is essential to get the right tool for the job; that being said, one will have the capability to get a suitable machine.


The cost differs from one brand to another, type and model. One can’t expect diesel silage to have the same price even if it is from the same manufacturer. Many of the machines ate imported. A buyer should expect the cost not to be so friendly, but they are priced reasonably at the end of the day.


The simplest way to maintain any machine is to read the instruction given. The disclaimer will educate the owner to understand how the machine works and operates. It is good to entrust the silage machine to a literate or at least someone with experience to handle it. It is an asset, and an investment should be well handled.


The silage chopper machine Kenya consists of different parts. It has a feed hopper, feed roll, cutting and frame stand, power transmission and an outlet for the finished products.


How to machine is kept will determine its long span. Upon completing working with it, a person should clean it well. Grease the engine with oil to prevent rusting since it is metal. Store the machine in a safe environment to avoid an accident that may be caused if bumped into them. The device should be kept in a space far away from animals. In return, this will ensure no damage is caused, and it will stay in good condition.

The purpose

After all, is said and done, the use of the machine is crucial. A farmer will have to know what the intended purpose is before buying. Getting the right tool goes in handy to fulfill its given task. If the farm is large, it is logical to have a big machine.

Skilled personnel should handle it with care to make work easier for them. The machine at the end of the day will save time.


Before purchasing a silage chopper, or machine, one should learn some skills on what to buy. Understanding the problem one is about to solve will make it easier to purchase a suitable device.