Indicators of Fake or Low-Quality Kratom Vendors

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With the high demand for Kratom products, new Krarom vendors are entering this industry. Among many, there are some sellers that are selling low-quality fake products and label them just like high-end products. One must be careful in making a decision to have the best kratom sellers to get real benefits from this natural strain. Here, we will discuss some indicators that point out a vendor being of low quality or potentially unreliable.

Pinpointing Low-quality Kratom Vendors

The following are the red flags that help you pinpoint fake sellers:

Too high or Too low Prices

Always look for competitive prices. In case of too high prices, the seller is charging an extra profit margin. On the other hand, too low prices mean the seller is not providing quality products. So, both situations are unfavorable regarding selecting a reliable seller. 

Lack of Transparency

You will notice a lack of transparency in the case of fake sellers. Even low-quality vendors provide minimal information about their products, kratom strains, sourcing, testing facilities, etc. They also don’t declare the lab tests or true results. 

Negative Reviews and Low Rating

You need to read customer reviews and search for information about the vendor’s reputation in the form of comments from previous customers. If a seller has a lot of negative reviews, customer complaints, or low ratings, then all these things indicate unethical business conduct.

No Lab Testing

Lab testing criteria from a seller are necessary to ensure the product is 100 percent safe to use. So, buying such products from a seller that does not conduct lab testing may result in severe side effects instead of benefits. 

Inconsistent Product Quality

Some vendors provide inconsistent product quality from time to time. They first deliver high-end products to satisfy the customers, and after buying that product again, they deliver low-quality products at the same prices. So, this inconsistent behavior represents an unprofessional code of conduct and a lack of quality control practices. 

Unrealistic Medical Claims

Some vendors associate certain medical benefits with their products to get more recognition. Exaggerated medical claims may lead to serious outcomes. So, always check the references behind such associations.  

No Return or Refund Policy

A lack of a clear return or refund policy may suggest that the vendor is not confident about the quality of offers. That is why he is not providing this facility. So, always check all the policies of the seller to understand the credibility. 

Misleading Labels

This is another red flag that a low-quality product provides misleading or incomplete labels regarding the products inside. If a seller is not providing information like product contents, recommended dosages, or potential risks, this may indicate a scam. 

Bottom line

Kratom strains are beneficial when you get them from the right Kratom vendors. The attractiveness of this industry is grabbing the attention of scammers also. They try to gain the trust of the customers by using attractive packaging and having user-friendly websites. However, one can save from such fake sellers by keeping the above-mentioned point in mind.

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