The 4 Worst Apple Products of All Time

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“Disposable” keyboards, a mouse that hurts your wrist, an overheating laptop and a “trash can.”

  • Magic Mouse

Years of release: 2009 and 2015

Magic Mouse was first introduced in 2009, and since then its appearance has remained virtually unchanged. Apple was obviously trying to create a device that combines the advantages of a trackpad and a button mouse. However, despite the stylish appearance, this “rodent” is very inconvenient to use.

Instead of sticking to traditional mouse ergonomics, the Magic Mouse was made flat. This forces the user to hold it with their fingertips, and this grip results in pain in the hand and wrist. It got to the point that third-party startups began selling silicone covers for this device to make it take the shape of a normal mouse.

Another drawback is rapid discharge. The first version ran on AA batteries and managed to “gobble up” a couple of batteries in two weeks, or a month at most. And this despite the fact that less expensive competitors could last from four to six months on them.

The second version of the mouse, released in 2015, included a built-in battery that lasted longer. But in order to recharge it, the Magic Mouse had to be turned upside down, which made it impossible to use it at this time.

In general, many Apple users, including their new Mac, first of all began to connect a simpler mouse to it, for example from Logitech or Razer. Or they even switched to a trackpad from Apple, which, unlike the Magic Mouse, is more pleasant.

  • Pro Display XDR Stand

Year of release: 2019

An iPhone costs on average about $1,000, which is a fair price for a good smartphone. The Apple Pro XDR display will cost 5,000 – expensive, but this is the price for the unsurpassed color reproduction needed by professionals for professional image and video processing.

Immediately after the presentation, the Apple Pro XDR monitor was subjected to a lot of ridicule. No, it’s great in itself, but it has one problem: it doesn’t come with a stand. And it needs to be purchased separately for only $999.

At the same time, the Apple Pro Display XDR Stand does not provide any special features: no cool control over the rotation and position of the monitor, no built-in features like a docking station – nothing. It’s just a decent aluminum monitor stand for $1,000. Cheaper displays are just perfect to dive in the games that 20Bet online casino has to offer. You just need to enter the website, play and win bonuses and jackpots.

Just a heads up, you can buy a Pro Display XDR compatible VESA mount from a third party for around $50.

  • Mac Pro 2013

Year of release: 2013

The 2013 Mac Pro, with its distinctive (but attractive) cylindrical design, was compared to a trash can, a can of tomatoes, and an ashtray. It was a powerful device for its time for professional work, equipped with a server processor and as many as two video cards. But he did not gain popularity.

One of the main problems was the difficulty in upgrading machine components. Previous Mac Pro models were housed in traditional, large aluminum cases that resembled a grater. It was easy to add hard drives to them, as well as install a new video card and processor.

But the 2013 Mac Pro couldn’t accommodate additional storage, and connecting external media to it made the design bulky and unsightly. It was completely impossible to replace video cards, and Apple prohibited connecting external eGPUs to this machine. In addition, the Mac Pro 2013 did not have modifications with a single graphics card – that is, even those who did not need it overpaid for an additional graphics processor.

And that is not all. The 2013 Mac Pro’s small design caused cooling issues. The design, while technically impressive, did not provide efficient heat dissipation, resulting in stuttering and overheating. New computers solved the problem. So, if you enjoy relaxing and playing games, try here to get an amazing casino experience without facing any bugs!

Apple eventually admitted its mistakes and returned to a more traditional design in 2019.

  • AirPods Max

Release year: 2020

Sometimes it seems that Apple engineers are obsessed with beautiful forms, but don’t think much about functionality. AirPods Max headphones, first introduced in 2020, are very beautiful and comfortable. They provide excellent sound and excellent noise reduction.

But immediately after the release of AirPods Max, technical publications began to point out the fact that manufacturers like Sony and Bose have models that provide the same sound quality, but at the same time are $250 cheaper.

In addition, Sony and Bose were better friends with devices on Windows and Android, while Apple headphones were primarily designed to work with Apple technology.

AirPods Max, unlike most other wireless headphones, cannot be folded. They can only be carried in Apple’s Smart Case, which is quite inconvenient. In addition, the headphones cannot even be turned off and are not equipped with a power button – instead, they need to be placed in a case, which puts them into an “ultra-low power consumption” mode. And the case does not protect the most vulnerable part of the headphones at all – the headband.

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