Ticket In, Bonus Out slot machines to be tested in Nevada

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An absolute banger is coming for all gambling enthusiasts in September 2023! A feature such revolutionary that it will change the entire gambling sphere and will bring players’ gaming experience to a new level new game at Sky247 while providing an immense profit for the casinos!

Or so the Acres Technology, the company behind ‘Tickets In, Bonus Out’ system, says. Not quite in that text, of course, but the meaning is pretty similar. Let’s find out what is all this fuss about.

A new look at the old-but-gold feature

The world of casino innovations is always exciting because it brings something interesting to casinos right when things start to look routine.

Today’s twist that’s got us all buzzing is ‘Ticket In, Bonus Out’ (TIBO) slot machines. But before we delve into this cutting-edge tech, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit the familiar ‘Tickets In, Tickets Out’ (TITO) feature that’s been a staple in casinos for years.

TITO: A Quick Recap

TITO, or ‘Tickets In, Tickets Out,’ is a nifty casino feature that allows players to insert cash into a slot machine and receive a ticket with their winnings when they cash out.

It has its perks, no doubt. Players love the convenience of not lugging around heavy coins and the speed at which they can hop from machine to machine.

Casinos, on the other hand, appreciate the reduced overhead costs and the ease of tracking transactions.

Pros Cons
Convenience for players Potential loss of tactile experience
Improved transaction tracking May encourage impulsive play
Cost-effective for casinos Reduced player interaction

TITO has its own pros and cons

But forgive the legacy technology, today’s star of the show is Ticket In, Bonus Out (TIBO) slot machines.

Introducing Ticket In, Bonus Out

Picture this: a system similar to TITO, but with a twist. Instead of spitting out tickets solely when a player decides to cash out, TIBO issues tickets at specific moments during gameplay. These tickets don’t represent cold, hard cash but rather a chance at various bonuses like free spins and other freebies that we all can’t resist.

  • TIBO’s concept bears a resemblance to the personalized bonus systems that have thrived in online casinos. It seems that the land-based giants are taking cues from their digital counterparts, adopting features that players have come to love or that work well for venues.

How does TIBO work?

TIBO takes personalization to a whole new level. It syncs with your casino app, monitors your gaming patterns, and decides when to reward or motivate you based on your performance. It even considers special occasions like birthdays or promotions.

Currently being put to the test at Nevada’s Gold Country Inn & Casino in Elko, this revolutionary system is the brainchild of Acres Technology. They’re branding it as a way to enhance the player experience while ensuring the casino remains profitable.

But should we believe them tricky marketers? Nah. Let’s get the opinion of experts and ponder our brains together.

The player experience with TIBO

So, how can TIBO elevate your casino adventure? Imagine getting that extra boost of excitement when you’re on a losing streak or hitting the jackpot. It’s like having a friendly companion who knows exactly when to cheer you on. Engaging? Yes. Exciting? Indeed! Enticing? Yes, but this is concerning.

Will it fit every player? Here’s where things get interesting. TIBO’s personalized advertising approach might not appeal to everyone. Some players may find it intrusive or ineffective. After all, not everyone enjoys being bombarded with bonuses during gameplay.

If you prefer relaxing, sedate, and leisurely reel-spinning gameplay without all sorts of whizzing, then TIBO is probably not for you. However, it is possible that the “smart system” will take into account your preferences and minimize its clinginess. Let’s hope that in the worst case, it will be possible to simply turn it off.

Responsible gaming concerns

While TIBO is hailed as an experience enhancer, responsible gaming organizations like the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling have raised alarms. They worry that TIBO could exacerbate gambling addiction risks by encouraging prolonged play, especially among vulnerable individuals.

It’s only natural that TITO, being extremely convenient, attracted AND retended lots of gamblers. However, this only resulted in the growing problem of gambling addiction. Not to talk about the tickets that players don’t cash out for a whole bunch of reasons, the number is $7 to $12 mil every year in Nevada alone!

So will TIBO hurt players more than it will benefit them? We believe the feature will be somewhat limited by the regulators to ensure the safest experience possible. So if players stick to responsible gambling and are wise enough on their own, this system will not cause them any extra harm.


At the end of the day we can say that ‘Ticket In, Bonus Out’ is a promising innovation for sure. It’s designed to make your gambling sessions more thrilling and engaging, the exact reason why most of us come to the casino, though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, it is not the end of the day but only the beginning for TIBO. Only time will tell if it will flood all casinos or just be another passing trend.

So if you are as interested in the gambling industry innovations as we are, follow the news about this and many other novelties on our portal to be in the loop.

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