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Tips for Successful Live Betting on Sports Events

Live betting is increasingly becoming one of the most favored types of sports wagering. In essence, in-play betting allows you to wager in real-time on sporting events occurring on the field. Contrary to regular wagering, where punters place bets prior to the match, live staking allows you to study the situation on the field and place stakes as the game continues. This article, therefore, highlights some tips you can use to successfully place in-play bets on sports events.

1. Study the prevailing situation on the field

A focus on examining the current situation in the field is one of the main strategies for live betting. It’s important to follow the game to apprehend how the situation is changing and which teams appear to be in control of the match. This will actually help you to:

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Wager on the most probable outcome

2. Ensure to follow the match statistics

The other crucial feature of live staking is to follow the match statistics. Essentially, good statistics are available on the bookies’ websites. As such, you should endeavor to know, for instance, how many corners, free kicks as well as other dangerous moments have been recorded, how many goals have been scored and the players that have scored the most points. Importantly, this information will aid you in:

  • Making more informed decisions
  • Making more successful bets

3. Try to adopt an opposite outcome betting approach

Contrast outcome, wagering is one of the most favored approaches for live staking in most sporting events available on online betting sites such as voj8. It encompasses betting on the opposite outcome if the first wager was unsuccessful. For instance, if you wager on one team to win but it loses, you can stake on the other to make up for the loss.

4. Always keep an eye on the odds

The odds are a very important feature of in-play betting. As such, you should make an effort to always monitor how the odds change during the match to ensure you make informed decisions. If you see that the odds on your team have increased, it could possibly mean that the bookmakers perceive them as outsiders. Therefore, you could probably get a higher payout in the event that your team wins.

5. Never bet on emotions

Betting on emotion is a common mistake that most players often make. This means that you bet on your favorite team or the team that is in the lead. This is hardly a valid strategy and can lead to unfortunate outcomes. Rather, try to study the situation in the field and wager based on the actual possibility of the outcome.

6. Always apply your knowledge and experience

It’s important to always apply your knowledge as well as experience to any given sport you’re wagering on. If you know the teams, their players as well as their playing tactics, this will aid you in making informed decisions and generate more successful bets.


Live wagering on most online gambling sites such as voj8 is one of the most favored types of sports betting. This type of sports betting allows you to stake in real time on sporting events. As such, consider checking out the above tips to help you make a successful in-play wager on a sporting event of your choice.