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What are some of the best cricket records of all time?

Cricket has always been a game of enthusiasm that has earned fans and followers from all over the globe. Throughout cricket, there has been an ongoing constant effort to establish and break records, yet there have additionally been some milestones set that are very difficult to match. In the sport of cricket, numerous cricket records are frequently broken. The sport is difficult, distinctive, and unites people from all over the planet. Many numbers are altered, and any event may take place at any moment. A lot of people hold enthusiasm for such matches and anticipate witnessing records. There exist wonderful professional players that have been individually trained to excel. The following listed and discussed are some of the best cricket records of all time:

  • 19 wickets in a single match:

Jim Laker holds the distinction of collecting 19 wickets in a Test series versus England in 1956. This mark has stood throughout the intervening years. Whoever breaks this mark must undoubtedly take all 20 wickets in the Test game’s two sessions.

  • The highest number of international wickets taken:

Given the typical length of time a global cricketer spends at the top, Muttiah Muralitharan’s excellent career wicket total nearly appears impossible high. The spin bowler astonished batters for an entire 20 years, taking 1,347 victims – 800 in Test matches and 547 in white-ball competitions. This will take a considerable career to even come close to this tally considering that Murali still seems to be 346 wickets ahead of Shane Warne, his nearest colleague.

  • Most aged test-player:

Wilfred Rhodes, a renowned English all-rounder, might have three unbreakable records. But, considering that athletes no longer play nearly as much first-class cricket as they once did, only one milestone will serve to add some variety to this list. At the age of 52 years plus, he popularly began at the bottom of England’s starting rotation and concluded as an opener, is the oldest player ever to play Test match cricket. This milestone won’t be surpassed in the contemporary day because even the greatest cricketers ever are frequently done competing by their thirties, which arises the question of this record ever being beaten.

  • Three ODI double centuries:

Rohit Sharma of India is known to possess the astounding milestone of three ODI double centuries. This will require a monumental effort to successfully recreate this achievement because neither it nor its record has been surpassed.

Hence, these are some of the many monumental cricket records to have been set. Numerous cricket enthusiasts all over the county also indulge in online matches. These online matches can even earn you some cash if played for winning. Sites and apps like Gamezy Fantasy Sports Appallow you to play matches and have fun while earning money. Thus, if you are a cricket lover, make sure to download the app and try the interface for yourself!