Why is every millennial turning into a hat person in 2023? 

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Hats have accessorized civilizations as old as 3000 BC. There has been a hat for every occasion and various purposes- a recognized symbol of hierarchy, social standing, fashion trends, religious beliefs, or even protection purposes. From the kippah of the Jewish men, the toque of chefs, custodian hats of police constables, to the hard hats of construction workers, different kinds of head covers serve other purposes.

Throughout history, hats have made fashionable comebacks in various forms- The Edwardian wide-rimmed style of the late nineteenth century, the toque hats of the roaring twenties, and the pillbox hats of the nineteen fifties. Hats have been traced to ancient times. The royals still popularly wear some hats.

In fact, during the time of ancient Egyptians, unmarried women were required to fiber their heads with a piece of cloth. Since 1215, Jewish men have worn caps to distinguish themselves. Royals and aristocrats wore hats as a sign of their status.

As times changed, these head covers became more fashionable and decorated with ribbons and flowers to adorn outfits, as with millennials.

Hats were worn to extravagant events like royal weddings or horse races. However, in the present day, people wear hats quite commonly for the following reasons:

  • Nowadays, people wear hats as fashion accessories to stand out from the crowd. Since people even use their exorbitant designer hats to make a unique fashion statement.
  • People also wear hats to frame their faces. Depending on the shape of the face, hats accentuate facial features. For instance, wide hats suit narrow faces, and beanies and berets compliment small ones. Find stylish hats at wholesale price for your face shape.
  • For the fashionably inclined, wearing a hat adds sophistication to any simple outfit. Wearing hats makes one look braver and more daring.
  • For more practical individuals, wearing a hat is a beautiful way to deal with a bad hair day.
  • Along with looking glamorous, the hat also provides excellent protection from harmful sun rays on summer days and keeps the wearer warm during cold winter days says Chiang Rai Times.
  • Workers wear hard hats in jobs like building and construction work for safety purposes.
  • Special hats are also worn for ceremonies, for instance, students in graduation ceremonies and clergies in religious traditions.
  • Hats also symbolize status, position, or occupation; police constables, firefighters, and sailors are recognized by their head covers.
  • Etiquette of wearing a hat

Wearing hats is undoubtedly a time-honored tradition, but it is essential to be mindful of heart-wearing etiquettes to not insult anyone by taking a hat off the wrong way or wearing it in a Church. When taking a cap off, permanently remove it with the outside run facing inside; the inside room should never be displayed.

Men wearing hats

Generally, it is respectable to wear a hat outdoors. Still, even millennials should never forget to take off their hat when they enter enclosed premises or a building like a restaurant, theater, home, or church.

Public areas, including lobbies, passageways, arcades, or elevators, are good places to keep wearing the hat, but they should take off in the company of a lady. It is improper to keep the cap on when the National anthem is played.

Men should take their hats off out of respect during the passing of the national flag, a funeral procession, or an outdoor wedding. It is also considered impolite to keep wearing the hat during dedications and photoshoot. Greet someone by slightly tipping the hat or lifting it a bit unless stopping to exchange pleasantries. Tipping the hat originated from military salutes, where knights opened their visors to reveal their faces as a friendly sign.

The ornaments should always be on the left whenever men wear hats with any decorations.

Women wearing hats

The rules for women wearing hats are flexible. Millennials may wear hats anywhere they choose, outdoors or indoors, provided it doesn’t disturb the view of others behind them, as in the case of a Church or a theater.

When wearing hats for weather purposes like rain, cold, or sun, she must remove them indoors. At a sports game, she may keep on a female hat, but a unisex hat like a baseball cap must be taken off when the National anthem is being played.

Women also cover their heads as a part of religious obligation. For instance, women must wear a veil in the pope’s presence. Unlike men, women’s hats should have decorations on the right side.

Aside from being a trendy fashion statement, the hat is a chic way to complete any ensemble. It also protects the scalp from sunburn and hair from getting damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays. A hat is more than a fashion symbol. It is an important accessory in your wardrobe.

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