Winzo Review : Gaming App Review By User – Pros And Cons

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Winzo, a gaming app where you can win real money, has grown from strength to strength since being launched in 2018. Despite having several rivals in the market, Winzo, in a short span of time, went on to become India’s top gaming app with over 100 million users. 

Their association with former India cricketer MS Dhoni has further helped them win trust from users. WinZO is also a member of the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), and endeavours to maintain a safe and secure social gaming platform. The company has collaborated with trusted payment partners and employed advanced fraud detection mechanisms to ensure a fair and secure gaming environment.

Winzo Review: Take a look at the pros and the cons of the app 

Winzo Games Pros 

Easy and safe transactions – Winzo has partnered with secure payment gateways like Google Pay and PayTm to ensure that any financial transaction on the app – be it deposit or withdrawal – is safe and secure. What’s even better is that you can immediately withdraw your winnings, and the amount will be instantly credited to you.

Real players only – unlike on some other apps where you can find robots as opponents, Winzo is all about real players only. They also have strict verification process to ensure that the gamer is not underage to use the app or play a certain game. They also have a no-bot certificate from an independent agency, which means no bots or automatic processes are involved in any games. This makes the experience competitive and also fair. 

RNG Certificate: An RNG certificate is of utmost importance in online gaming as it ensures fairness. This certificate guarantees that the Random Number Generator, a vital part of games, works without bias, providing equal chances to all players. Without it, games might be unfair.  Players rely on RNG for outcomes like card draws or rolling the dice. 

Game fraud detection: this is also important in online gaming to maintain a fair and secure environment. Automated systems analyse player behaviour and identify suspicious activities that may indicate cheating or illegal activities. 

Game Abandonment Upon Disconnection: If your internet acts up during a game, they treat it like you left on purpose to keep things fair and stop any cheating. It’s done to make sure everyone plays on an even field.

Winzo Games Cons 

Stiff competition – as mentioned above, Winzo has over 100 million users, and thus there is stiff competition. You need to be really good at the game you’re playing to stand a chance to win cash prizes. But that is with all the gaming platforms – without skills and expertise you may not win much money. 

Luck factor – this can be both a pro as well as a con. Games like Ludo or card games do have an element of luck, but then, you still have to be skilled to take advantage of the number on the dice or the card you draw from a pile. This is where luck plays a big factor and unless you get lucky, you may not win anything. This is why it is advisable to not put a lot of money into the games, at least as a beginner. 


In conclusion, Winzo has more pros than cons. It is safe, secure and has several fairplay policies in place. What’s more exciting is that they have a plethora of games to choose from, so there is something for everyone. But like with any other gaming app, winning on the app requires skills, determination and a bit of luck. Getting started on Winzo is simple – install the app, get yourself registered with your phone number, provide your age, decide which game you want to play and how much money you want to put into it, and you’re set for your gaming journey. 

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